Complete Audio Video Integration


The auditoriums need to be equipped with high end state of the art equipments to conduct interactions across large masses of people by creating an interactive multimedia environment to inspire the audience.


Educational institutions continue to embrace the latest audio & visual (AV) technology in the classrooms, auditoriums, staff rooms or Meeting rooms as a means of improving academic achievement..

Front of house.

The front of house is where first impressions are made, atmospheres created and guests welcomed; AV can transform these areas into spaces that inform, direct, convey and impress.

Conference room.

We will help you to transform your current conference rooms with the latest audio & visual technology, including audio video conference system, multimedia projectors, projection screens, conference room automation and so on.

Home theater.

We always follow a very specific, scientific method to determine the most accurate and realistic home theater experience. You can immerse yourself in the movie and truly feel like it’s happening around you.

Cinema theater.

Audio Video Integration combines decades of experience with deep product knowledge to help bring the cinema theater dreams to life.


An atmosphere is extremely important for any restaurant, besides the menu. And music plays a big role in creating the right atmosphere, whether it’s a soft music over candlelight dinner or the rock tunes for the dance floor!

Expertise In Cinema Theater Integration

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